On 25.06.2015 the website of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (EPTA) network has been re-launched. Beyond the contents of the previous website it offers an up-to-date database of projects, reports and policy briefs of all EPTA members.

The new EPTA website is directly linked to and "powered by" the TA Portal developed in the PACITA project. The data harvested by this technology assessment portal of 25 TA-related institutions, projects and legacy websites is being filtered for the EPTA website to contain only data of the EPTA members. A core feature is the presentation of the latest policy briefs of parliamentary TA institutions: these briefs are dossiers of one to four pages presenting the results of a TA project with a view to formulating in plain language policy conclusions.

On the new site not only EPTA-specific news such as this one, but also an aggregated news feed of all individual members is available. Furthermore, the new EPTA website contains a comparison of its member institutions in the form of a table giving access to short descriptions of their histories, missions, procedures, etc. Last but not least, in the internal section of the site, the members have a place to exchange perspectives on current issues and document their activities.

The new website has been designed an implemented with input from all EPTA members by the Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA) and Solid-Systems EDV GmbH, both Vienna. The content of the databases will be currently updated and amended by the member institutions. The responsibility for the website content shifts annually from one EPTA presidency to the next.