Parliamentary Technical Advisory (ATP) of the Library of the National Congress of Chile

Parliamentary Technical Advisory (ATP) started in 2006, as a continuation of the "Legislative Process Support Unit", a unit created in 2000 at the Library of the National Congress (BCN) of Chile, part of the legislative branch since 1884. 
ATP functions are: to support parliamentary work; to contribute to the certainty of current legislation; to reduce the gap between the legislative and executive branches with regard to the availability of information and analysis,. In particular, an essential part of ATP’s role is supporting the work of legislative commissions in both chambers, especially monitoring the discussion of relevant bills.
ATP’s staff is formed by 40 professional researchers of various backgrounds, thematically grouped into five areas: Social Policies; Science, Technology and Natural Resources; Economy; Defense, Government and International Relations; and Legal Analysis. Considering EPTA’s definitions of TA, ATP delivers technical and legal analysis on how technological, economical and social developments affect the drafting of the law.
ATP’s expertise on the most varied subjects of parliamentary interest, both legal and non-legal is available to the parliamentary community and it has always been guided by the following criteria: validity, reliability and political neutrality. For this purpose, continually ATP generates an array of specialized documents, with different levels of deepness and confidentiality requirements, which can be publicly reviewed (in Spanish for now) here.

The ATP is an associate member since November 2017.



BCN, Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional 
Departamento de Estudios, Extensión y Publicaciones
Asesoría Técnica Parlamentaria 
Área Recursos Naturales, Ciencia y Tecnología
Santiago de Chile, CHILE

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