Puhe M., Edelmann M., Reichenbach M. (2014) Integrated urban e-ticketing for public transport and touristic sites, Study. Commissioned by: European Parliament/STOA.
This was a study about the development of integrated e-ticketing systems for public transport and touristic sites in cities. While technologies are already available and ready to meet multi-function requirements, e-ticketing has not yet been implemented on a wider scale in Europe. The implementation of an integrated e-ticketing system is a complex process that requires the synchronised activity of heterogeneous actors. Public transport operators and authorities, financial service providers, telecommunications operators, and the tourism sector need to work together to combine their products on a single card. Besides technological characteristics, legal and economic aspects play a decisive role. Stakeholders that are involved in the implementation of an integrated ticketing system need to agree on technical specifications as well as on institutional and governance issues.
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project report
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European Parliament / Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) (STOA)