EP Academic Freedom Monitor 2023
Academic freedom is widely acknowledged both as a fundamental value of present-day higher education and science, and as a prerequisite for well-functioning democratic societies. Yet in recent years, major concerns about the state of academic freedom in the European Union have been raised by various stakeholders. The European Parliament launched an annual EP Academic Freedom Monitor in 2022, aimed at helping to strengthen the protection of academic freedom in the European Union. This report presents the 2023 edition of the EP Academic Freedom Monitor, consisting of two studies and their joint key findings and proposed policy options. The first study, entitled 'Systematising existing measurements of academic freedom in EU Member States', has used various monitors and other measurements across the EU Member States to identify the main challenges and threats to, and worries about, academic freedom in the EU. The second study, entitled 'Academic freedom across the EU 2023: Latest trends analysis', has analysed the main threats to academic freedom and their impacts in ten EU Member States. The study is conducted as a qualitative analysis of several data, with input from stakeholder organisations and academic experts. On the basis of the two studies, this report proposes EU-level policy options for legislative and non-legislative initiatives to support academic freedom in the EU.
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