European streaming platform for national news accessible in all EU languages: Technical feasibility study
The development of a European digital public space in which all European citizens could inform themselves about current affairs would be a great opportunity. While online platform operators from the United States and China provide various different digital media and also meeting spaces, these often lack democratic discourse and at the same time increase polarisation and division by concentrating and rewarding those types of content that generate outrage. Freedom of expression, and the possibility to access qualitative and trustworthy content from across the entire EU, and beyond, are essential to secure European democracies, ensuring that all EU citizens are well informed by offering them a broad spectrum of high quality, publicly available content. To enable such a setup, high-quality European broadcasters, including many public broadcasters, and media companies, and later also non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders, including citizens, would have to be supported in sharing broadcasts and other types of media-related content and data, as well as in developing innovative solutions. The development of a European streaming platform that taps into exactly these sources could provide a multilingual focal point that bundles together all high-quality European news broadcasts in one platform, enabling EU citizens to discover these programmes and also to consume them, without language barriers, in multiple languages, using sophisticated AI-based language technologies including automatic speech recognition (for the transcription and indexing of content including metadata generation, subtitling and captioning), machine translation (for the translation of subtitles) or, say, even automatic speech-to-speech translation (for the fully automated generation of dubbed programmes). A crucial aspect of such a platform is that it must not be vulnerable to external manipulation attempts. This diverse set of artificial intelligence technologies for processing the audiovisual content and for providing fair and balanced search, discovery and recommendation mechanisms, would enable, for the first time, communication across language barriers on the scale of a whole continent. This study assesses the technical feasibility of the implementation of such a European streaming platform.
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European Parliament / Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) (STOA)
European streaming platform for national news accessible in all EU languages: Technical feasibility study (STOA)