Secure power supply in the energy transition
ITA [Hrsg.], (2022) Secure power supply in the energy transition. ITA Dossier No.64en (August 2022, Author: Stefan Strauß, Doris Allhutter, Michael Ornetzeder).
-> Security of supply in Austria is at a consistently high level. -> However, interdependencies in the power grid are increasing and influencing the stability of the entire system. -> In the medium term, climate change, digitalisation, and the energy transition will lead to more volatility in the power supply. This increases the risk of outages. -> Shaping the transition of the energy infrastructure in a constructive way requires suitable framework conditions. -> The central task of politics is to accompany this fundamental change by moderating and shaping it.
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policy brief
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Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA)
Blackout scenarios, risks and possible protective measures in Austria (ITA)