Annual EPTA Conference 2018
CAPCIT (2019) Annual EPTA Conference 2018. Towards a digital democracy: Opportunities and challenges. Bulletin No. 13, January 2019
The laws on emerging new technologies are still inchoate both state-wide in Spain and in Catalonia. In contrast, these technologies are the subject of different planning instruments. Our public administrations have incorporated the digital technologies and the use of the new connectivity to a significant degree, although not in every sphere; they are much more common in economic, administrative, fiscal and security matters than in political or juridical matters, or to open and share information. Efforts are still needed to draw up a charter of citizens’ digital rights and responsibilities which focuses on the advantages and hazards that digitalisation poses to democracy. The use of the new technologies per se does not mean citizen empowerment unless it is accompanied by monitoring and a reformulation according to what has been evaluated.
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Advisory Board of the Parliament of Catalonia for Science and Technology (CAPCIT)