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The way ahead

In the coming years, the Rathenau Instituut aims to become the national authority on objective and reliable information on scientific and technological trends that have an impact on society.

The Rathenau Instituut strives to become a trusted knowledge partner on innovation and industrial Research & Development issues, and it continues to extend its role as an independent partner to parliament and policymakers in providing evidence based strategies for the strengthening of our national science and innovation policy. It will develop a bi-annual agenda for Risk and Incident Assessments for policy departments, and a Research Agenda for Science, Innovation and Technology policies.

As science and technology policymaking gets a stronger European and international dimension with cross border aspects that have an impact on national policies , the Rathenau Instituut will both scrutinize these aspects, and will strengthen its international network of associate and parallel organisations.

It will continue to contribute to political opinion forming and societal debate, and extend Its mediating role in conflicts and controversies between parties in society, science and public administration. The institute will also focus on empowering new audiences, such as young and low skilled people; people that feel the impact of science and technology in their everyday lives, but have had little opportunities to voice their opinions about it.


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