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The way ahead

The work of the DBT is generally highly appreciated by Danish Members of Parliament (MPs) and increasingly by politicians in the regions and municipalities. However, Denmark has, through the last 10 years, been characterized by a strong divide between left/right in politics - often referred to as »block politics«. This has decreased the level of dialogue and common actions across the parliamentary room, and accordingly decreased the call for independent assessments. This tendency has been very clear with regards to a remarkable decrease in the call for parliamentary hearings during the last 5 years.

The change of the DBT into a corporate foundation needs to be seen in the light of this contemporary political situation. It will therefore be very important for the parliamentary TA function of the DBT Foundation that a closer relation between the single committees and the DBT is developed during 2013–2014..

Internationalisation of nearly all aspects of technology development and regulation is a tendency that has been accelerating very strongly through the last decade. DBT sees it as a main challenge to find ways for TA to keep up with this trend and be able to assess technology at all relevant policy levels. Some actions taken by DBT, such as the World Wide Views on Global Warming, the lately finished WWViews on Biodiversity, and the coordination of PACITA, indicates the beginning of a future, in which the Board will see internationalisation as a main challenge and a main field of activity. Increasing synergy between TA units across Europe and across the world is seen as a must for the future.

The new media reality is a challenge that needs to be confronted. Information sources become diffuse, journalism becomes more popular and less deep, the written media loses terrain, etc. TA needs to find its way in this new media world. TA is important, focuses on determining issues for society, has stories to tell and conclusions to discuss - so, the content is there to be communicated. The challenge is to redirect the communication efforts into new and more effective modes in the new media picture. It is a matter of strategy and of resources as well.


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