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The Rathenau Instituut’s studies and policy briefs often set the agenda for politicians, policymakers and the media, or give a particular twist to debates that seem mired in traditional black and white points of view.

Most of its projects are quoted in parliamentary documents, in the national media and on stakeholder websites. Our experts regularly appear in national newspapers, news sites and on TV. They are frequently asked to appear in – or help organise – debates, parliamentary committees and hearings or expert meetings.

There is a loyal and continually growing following for newsletters and social media projects, and the website pulls in ten thousand visitors a month. A recent survey showed that the readers of Flux Magazine highly appreciate the quality, depth and design of the magazine.

Several projects have led to obvious political and societal impact. Recent examples include the projects Emerging Markets of Body Materials and Effects of Research Priorities.

Emerging Markets of Body Materials was covered by the national media and became a recurring item in popular late night talk shows. It started a debate both on the opinion pages of national newspapers and in scientific magazines. Due to its impact, a Parliamentary Roundtable Committee was organised. The documentary »Baby for Sale« – a subtheme to the project – led to the formation of an official Cabinet Standpoint. Government bodies are currently working on the legislative issues pointed out in the study and the Rathenau Instituut’s researchers are providing assistance as experts.

Effects of Research Priorities (or Focus and Mass in Dutch policy lingo) studied the effects of investments in priority research fields such as nanotechnology, genomics, water, and high tech systems. The conclusion was that investments had not improved the international position of the Netherlands in these fields, nor had there been growth in these fields nationally. It led to a strong political debate within the research community.


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