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The Office has progressively become an acknowledged instrument of parliamentary action. Several laws make provision either for it to be informed of, or to participate in the appointment of representatives of Parliament to various bodies, or for its representation, by its President or one of its members, on the board of directors of various organisations. It has also become a special interlocutor for the scientific community as a whole and maintains close links with it. The events bringing together the OPECST and high level scientific organisations, Académies, CEA, Cité des Sciences et de l?Industrie, CNRS, etc.? are the true illustration of this.

Every year, several conferences and seminars are organised by the OPECST, either in relation to one of its reports or on a scientific or technological subject. Finally, the OPECST also contributes to the development of international parliamentary relations and takes part in various congresses and events, in particular at a European level. Thus, over the last few years, we have seen the setting?up of an information and exchange network, the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (EPTA), bringing together the European organisations responsible for conducting scientific and technological assessments for national Parliaments and the European Parliament.

In the near future, the OPECST would like to continue to strengthen its various missions and, in particular, to play a role in furthering the exchange between the political and scientific worlds.


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