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The most important impact is »having and using visionary power«. The committee for the Future is in the corn of political power. From the beginning the need for long-term examination of the future also at the core of democracy, i.e. in the parliamentary institution, has been recognised in the Finnish Parliament as being so important that there was a willingness to create a totally new institution specifically within the national legislature. Precisely for this reason, the Parliament has received a lot of international plaudits for its own innovation.

When it has worked well, the Committee´s operational model has been almost an ideal way of creatively and critically combining scientific and technological information with a search for innovative new political solutions. The Committee has enjoyed fairly good success, because sufficiently different politicians with broad minds and an interest in the new have sought membership of it. What is very important is that the Committee contains, on the one hand, very experienced, inquisitive and bold politicians and, on the other, also ambitious »rising stars« with a thirst for knowledge. It is likewise important that they represent the Finns in all their diversity of education, from farmer to professor. The second foundation stone for lasting success that can be pointed to is that the aim in the Committee´s reports is to be thorough and scientifically critical rather than trying to please the public or voters with showily produced and light pamphlet-style publications. Lighter versions of reports have been needed for information purposes, but the serious and thorough way that science deals with phenomena has not been overlooked.


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