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As an academic TA institution, the success of ITA can be measured in the number and quality of publications in academic journals and books (preferred peer-reviewed, English-speaking), of oral presentations at conferences (preferred invited keynotes at international events) and of third-party funds raised (preferred competitive grant research). These performance figures are core criteria in the annual reporting, the assessment by the Scientific Advisory Board and the regular evaluation teams. In addition, the number of popular science talks and publications as well as the media resonance is being reported.

Measuring the political impact of ITA´s studies is more difficult, as many studies (e.g. EUROpTA, TAMI) showed: sometimes a direct relationship between a project or its conclusions and a political decision can be established, but usually this is not the case. Nevertheless, ITA strives for such impact and tries to follow-up on results, though not always as systematically and actively as possible (there is certainly room for improvement). An indicator for success of ITA projects has been the capability to integrate TA results into the decision-making process at an early phase of the development of national and EU research programmes (AAL-benefit, EU Environmental Technologies Action Plan, EU Security Research Programme etc.).


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