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Communication and publications

The Rathenau Instituut publishes scientific reports, background studies and Research Briefs to provide politicians and policymakers with reliable, relevant and up to date information. For a quick overview, we gather experts’ visions around a topical theme in collections of essays. In our twopage Research Briefs, we provide tailor-made analyses and policy recommendations.

The institute uses a wide range of interactive communications tools to disseminate its findings, such as expert meetings, public debates, talk shows, events and forum discussions to promote interaction with citizens, policymakers, politicians and other parties. The aim here is the exchange of thoughts or to initiation of a debate to get the images, visions and standpoints of participants out into the open.

Often, the media are crucial in getting themes onto the agenda. Visibility in the media and a good relationship with the press are of a high priority. Opinion pieces by Rathenau Instituut researchers regularly appear in national newspapers. Researchers are also frequently interviewed or asked by journalists to respond to current developments.

Apart from working with the press, the Institute’s own media is used to communicate: a well-visited website and weblogs, a monthly digital newsletter and social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Flux magazine, with accessibly written news and background information on science, technology and society, is published twice a year.

Other creative representational forms and communication tools to involve the public, press and politicians are also used experimentally. Examples include: a television documentary, a theatre play, an interactive exhibition or installation, interactive books, web games and even a »serious« game for the iPhone.


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