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Communication and publications

BAS does not publish its TA work in a separate series, TA analyses are usually included within general BAS publication lines, the main are: INFOS (short policy briefs) and STUDIA BAS (compilations of research papers analyzing various aspects of a given topic).

INFOS is a final outcome of a short term project lasting on average 1 to 3 months. They are concise in form and present a single topic related to issues of high relevance to parliamentary debate and/or legislative process. All INFOS papers have standard layout and stick to four-page format. They are published every two weeks, in accordance with the schedule of sittings of the Sejm (20-25 titles/issues a year).

The projects undertaken within STUDIA BAS series are more complex. They involve compiling a book consisting typically of 8-10 research papers devoted to various aspects of a given subject. They are often devoted to sectoral policies (e.g. energy policy, housing policy) or thematic clusters (eg. development of information society). Quite often they adopt comparative approach: comparing relevant data from different European and other countries. There are four issues yearly.

INFOS and STUDIA BAS series are devoted primarily to socio-economic issues, hence TA questions - if they are touched upon - are mostly analyzed in the context of societal and economic impacts. The authors are both BAS employees and selected external experts from leading Polish research institutions.

BAS publications come only in Polish (abstracts are available also in English). INFOS and STUDIA BAS are distributed free of charge to all MPs; additional copies can be picked-up at the BAS inquiry office at the Parliament premises. They are also available online at


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