Comparative Table of Parliamentary TA Institutions


Communication and publications

DBT communicates and co-operates directly with the relevant parliamentary committees who seek advice on examining a specific subject. This advice can consist of answering specific questions from members of parliament, making information meetings for committees, arranging hearings for parliamentary committees, or providing an issue of the briefing note »From the Board to the Parliament«. DBT issues a range of publications with a view to stimulating debate on technology among them reports, books, newsletters, booklets and pamphlets. The e-magazine TeknologiDebat contains news stories, background information, articles and debates, all primarily related to the projects of DBT. The website is a very important communication tool for DBT. It has around 1 million visits a year and some publications are downloaded at figures exceeding 250.000. The website delivers all publications of DBT, pages on all projects, podcasts from conferences, hearings, workshops etc., and a web-version of the eMagazine TeknologiDebat.


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