Comparative Table of Parliamentary TA Institutions


Target Groups

The committees are the main target group for the PER. Reports and seminars are planned in collaboration with committee groups in order to formulate the assignments in accordance with the needs of the committees. Some committees have been very active since 2007 and over time a broader range of committees have in one way or the other been involved in TA activities. As described above, TA projects can be performed at a cross-committee level. Involving more than one committee has two main advantages: the results of the assignment are spread to a wider group of MPs and the involvement of a cross-committee reference group implies that the subject is treated in a wider context.

Even if committees are the main target group, reports are disseminated to a wider audience such as the government, authorities, universities, and NGOs etc. Seminars are also broadcast on television. Trials using social media have been carried out in order to invite the public to discuss specific issues within an ongoing project.


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