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Target Groups

BAS works primarily for the parliamentary committees and MPs. Public participation projects or projects aimed at communication towards broader public have not been undertaken yet.

In previous years several parliamentary committees in the Sejm debated over subjects with an important TA component (e.g. GMO and biotechnology - Agriculture Committee; deployment of nuclear energy - Economy Committee; mitigation of CO2 emission - Environment Committee) but so far the TA as such has not been in a centre of parliamentary debate. Until recently there was no science and technology committee in the Sejm (such committees are usually the most effective bodies promoting development of parliamentary TA). This situation has changed with the establishment of new standing Committee for Innovation and New Technologies (October 2010). The Committee's main field of interest is promotion of smart economic growth through widespread application of innovation and new technologies. The Committee's agenda includes also some TA issues. One on the first joint projects undertaken by BAS in cooperation with the Committee for Innovation was a debate devoted to digital exclusion and financial services for generation 50+. Recently (January 2012), BAS on the request of the Committee organised a conference on innovativeness of Polish economy.


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