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Target Groups

In accordance with its mandate, the work of TAB is focused on the German Bundestag. An important role in parliamentary proceedings is played by the committees to which TAB reports are routinely forwarded for deliberation. These committees are crucial actors in using and disseminating the findings of TAB. Over time, the range of committees initiating TA studies (and discussing TAB reports) has grown considerably.

Besides this primary audience, all other Members of Parliament, parliamentary committees, staff of the parliamentary political parties and of Members of Parliament as well as the Scientific Service of German Bundestag comprise the audience for and potential users of the results of TA processes. In addition there are study commissions, to which there are often close informal contacts. The Federal and State ministries also follow the work of TAB with close interest. Finally, companies, government agencies, research institutions and educational institutions and - not least - interested members of the public also call upon TAB findings.

Parliamentary TA is also designed as a forum for public discussion. Intensive communication of project results, e.g. by presentations at public sessions of the Committee, workshops with experts and representatives of societal organisations (interest groups, NGOs), and press conferences and discussions enhance the visibility of parliamentary TA. In this way it becomes clear to a broad public that German Bundestag is also looking beyond daily business, to take a scientifically well-based approach to long-term prospects in technological and social development.


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