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Target Groups

The main target group of the IST is first and foremost the members of the Flemish Parliament. The Institute is aware of the fact that a TA project can only lead to the desired impact, if the political network and the general public are well informed and if the policy options are perfectly clear. Communication is paramount to achieve that goal, provided that

…it is tailored to the target group;

Scientific reports are relevant for scientists and for the knowledge building within the Institute. Nevertheless, to address specific target groups, including policymakers, specially adapted and attractive means of communication should be put into action. …it joins reality;
It is key to communicate at the appropriate moment. As far as the content is concerned, communication should keep in touch with reality.

…it considers the media as partners;

Properly communicating with the media is crucial, not only with specialist journals or with the so-called quality newspapers, but also with the popular papers, magazines, radio, television, and on the internet. The media constitute a very important factor in raising public and political opinion.

…it is supported by the organisation as a whole;

The dissemination of the results of a TA research should not be limited to the director and the communication manager. It is the responsibility of every TA researcher to propagate the results of his or her project.

…it is a continuous effort.

The actual work only begins when a study comes to an end and the results are being published. TA will only have an impact if its results are continuously communicated and commented, in a way that appeals to people and makes it belong to various contexts. In other words, TA communication also takes place outside the offices and the meeting rooms.


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