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The Committee for the Future deliberates parliamentary documents referred to it and, when requested to do so, makes submissions to other committees on futures-related matters, which are included in their spheres of responsibility and have a bearing on development factors and development models of the future. The Committee conducts research associated with futures studies, including their methodology. The Committee also functions as a parliamentary body that conducts assessments of technological development and the effects on society of technology.

By this way The Committee is then bridging the Government, the Parliament and Finnish Civil Society. The Committee should once in a parliamentary term conduct a general exploration of the state of Finland and the related scenarios and/or futures map. Efforts are made to create joint steering groups with other committees and arrange joint evaluation seminars and also to devise streamlined methods for producing statements and comments. In accordance with the idea on which the Committee is founded, the broad scope of its tasks and a high level of Government-Parliament dialogue, the cabinet member with foremost responsibility is the Prime Minister, who also chairs the Research and Innovation Council.

Regional meetings alone and together with the corresponding ministry, i.e. the Prime Minister's Office, have been increased. During the current parliamentary term, especially the cooperation with the business world, municipal committees for the future as well as youth councils that have been stepped up will be continued. This theme (Open Committee) was addressed from several different perspectives in autumn 2011: from the perspectives of direct democracy, social media and crowdsourcing, with a view to strengthening the formulation of the Parliament 's futures-oriented policies as well as also from the perspective of rationalising the Committee´s own work.


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