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In autumn 2011 the Committee for the Future held a number of hearings with tens of experts representing various sub-sectors of society. Based on these hearings, the Committee chose, at this stage, four areas of study for itself during the parliamentary term 2011–2014:

The themes are chosen from the Committee’s interests, but also to create a readiness to respond to the Government’s report on the future (The Finnish sustainable development growth model in a changing world).

In addition, the Committee has been making preparations to revamp its work methods, i.e. has looked closely at how projects are implemented and how the effectiveness of activities is ensured. This theme was addressed from several different perspectives in autumn 2011: from the perspectives of direct democracy, social media and crowdsourcing, with a view to strengthening the formulation of the Parliament’s futures-oriented policies as well as also from the perspective of rationalising the Committee’s own work.

These objectives are being promoted by means of three themes that cut across several dimensions:


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