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Work Procedures and Methods


The Rathenau Instituut assists in the process of political opinion forming through direct contact with both Houses of the Dutch parliament and the European Parliament. Its staff is called as expert witnesses at formal hearings and organise or take part in round table discussions and expert meetings. The Rathenau Instituut also strives to ensure that all reports and other products are relevant and accessible to decision-makers at all levels.

Supporting policy making and public debate

Researchers of the Rathenau Instituut often meet with policymakers to bring findings to their attention and to make sure that the developments are given a place on the political agenda. The Institute also promotes general discussion of the research topics, making an active contribution to the public debate. Rathenau Instituut experts are regular contributors to the national media and the Institute takes every opportunity to publicize its work at festivals, conferences and debates. The Rathenau Instituut publishes a newsletter and makes full use of digital technology, including social media, in engaging NGOs, stakeholder groups and the general public.


Good methodology is essential to the quality of the work delivered by the Rathenau Instituut. All its activities are based on highly diverse analytical and communicative methods, such as focus groups, citizen panels, statistics, database analysis, questionnaires, interviews, visualisations, debates and presentations. For each project the methods that lend themselves best to realising objectives are carefully considered. If required, new methods are developed which are hopefully suitable for several projects.

To bring science dynamics and international comparisons into focus, the Rathenau Instituut has developed expertise in the domain of scientometrics. It works on social network analysis methods to map science and technology networks, and conducts agent-based modelling pilots whose purpose is to stimulate complicated policy problems, making use of methods and techniques also used for »horizon scanning« and »foresight« among other things. In addition, it reflects on information visualisation, for instance in graphics, diagrams, networks and photos.


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