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Work Procedures and Methods

Generally, the TA projects start at the beginning of the year and the report is finalised and released at the end of the year in connection with the budget debate. A seminar is often held initially with different experts in order to involve MPs and to present the state of the art in the field. The presentations and discussions are summarised and communicated to the MPs via the intranet of the Parliament.

External experts are, whenever necessary, engaged to write background material. An expert group is also formed with the task of scrutinising the report with regard to its content and to ensure the balance of different aspects. The expert group will also help to formulate the conclusions of the study.

The parliamentary reference group discusses the final report and the concluding remarks. In most cases, a public hearing is held at the Riksdag when the report has been printed in order to both discuss the content of the report and to supplement the content with other aspects. The seminar is webcast and broadcast on television. These seminars are also open to the public.

Most of the TA projects, so far, have been expert-based but trials with public involvement have been carried out. Social media have also been used in order to involve the public.

Some of the assignments from the committees have been inventory studies in different scientific areas and these can be used in order to:


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