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Finding Topics

Scientific, societal and political developments and trends steer the Rathenau Instituut’s activities. This is why the biannual Work Programme is designed with a brief outline of the very developments that will primarily determine the institute’s work over coming years.

For this outline, there is regular consultation with the Institute’s Programme Council, an advisory board whose members come from academia, business, politics and journalism. The Rathenau Instituut’s Board then selects the work themes, by taking the following three criteria into consideration:

In the Work Programme we leave space to tackle current political and societal events, or topics from previous Work Programmes as they often become current again. Sometimes, political and social developments require accelerated or tailor-made investigations.

In drafting the final Work Programme, the opinion of the House of Representatives is sought. The Work Programme is reviewed by the Minister of Education and Science, who renders an opinion on it and then forwards it to both Houses of Parliament.


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