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Finding Topics

Every second year, the Norwegian Board of Technology decides on a core portfolio of projects for the next period. By making a biannual work programme it is possible to cover different technologies and policy areas (such as Climate change and low carbon technologies; eHealth and welfare; Internet policy and privacy; Emerging technologies), as well as different methods.

Using the concept of a »core portfolio« means that it is entirely possible for the Board to decide to move fast and decide on new projects at any meeting. The work plan always includes some spare capacity to be able to do spin-off projects, to follow up when the standing committees give clear feedback or they need input, or to respond to technological developments that were not foreseen.

In the search for new projects, the Board invites research institutes, business and industry, private persons, public administration and politicians to brainstorm, in order to obtain proposals for topics and projects for the Board’s agenda. This ensures that the Boards agenda stays transparent and open, and gives thematic inputs from many different areas of society. In 2010 we also arranged ten »idea lunches«, where the board members invited 3–4 people of their choice to engage in conversation about the future with our project managers.

In addition, the secretariat will develop an analysis of societal developments, technology trends and provide an overview of what is going on in international TA. It will also come up with project ideas.

After the idea gathering, the secretariat makes a list with short descriptions of 50–100 project ideas. The Board then selects approximately 20 projects for a closer scrutiny. All ideas are then evaluated by the secretariat, using criteria such as societal importance, technological component, political interest and added societal value. In this phase, the Board also consults MPs and policy makers to get relevant information and feedback, but not on a formalized level.

The Board decides on the project portfolio at a workshop for the Board near the end of the year. This gives room for longer discussions than at ordinary Board meetings.


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