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Finding Topics

The IST gears its activities to the needs of the Flemish Parliament and follows thematically the current scientific and technological trends, which are relevant for Flanders.

The Institute carries out regularly »trend watches«, to make an inventory of the current trends in the development of science and technology. Especially themes with a clear societal impact on Flemish areas of responsibility are taken into consideration. The trend watch inventory is subsequently fine-tuned in consultation with the other European TA institutions (the EPTA network), with the Flemish scientific and technological players, and with the responsible commissions within the Flemish Parliament. On this basis, the Institute defines its yearly working programme. Since its foundation, the Institute has dealt with quite a variety of issues, from »biotechnology«, through »mobility and use of energy« to »cyber bullying« and »nanotechnology«. Accordingly a broad range of methods and approaches is used. For certain issues, only a short, explorative analysis is adequate and sufficient. Others require in-depth research, including extensive participation of stakeholders and public.


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