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TA-SWISS looks back onto an eventful history – and has been able to celebrate its 20th anniversary on October 29, 2012. During these 20 years, it has always been of utmost importance for TA to be performed independently of political and economic interests. This is still the highest premise today. State funding allows for the basic financing of TA-SWISS. Additionally, there is third-party funding by independent organisations. In this way, the infrastructure and the personnel of the TA-SWISS office comprising five fulltime jobs is financed. Additionally, project-specific mandates that are assigned to external interdisciplinary research groups and the organisation and execution of participative projects are remunerated by these means.

TA-SWISS acts jointly with renowned national or international research institutes or specialized departments. The assignment of a project to a research group works as follows: The specific TA aspects are clearly stated in the call for tender regarding the specific project; correspondingly, the received offers are evaluated according to these criteria. The TA-SWISS executive committee (TA-SWISS-Leitungsausschuss, LA), composed of roughly 15 members with totally different professional competences and institutional backgrounds, decides whether a project will be carried out as well as which offer to accept in the case of a study. A project manager of the TA-SWISS office then initializes the project and supervises the commissioned institution throughout the whole duration of the project. The final focus of each project always emerges through the cooperative work of and the intensive debate with all participants. Not only the research group entrusted with the project, but also the TA-SWISS office and the monitoring group provide important inputs. The latter, consisting of 10 to 20 persons with appropriate professional competences, is formed specifically for each project. It reviews the concept, the intermediate as well as the final results and thus ensures quality and a well-balanced presentation of the subject.


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