Comparative Table of Parliamentary TA Institutions



Technology assessments often concern more than one committee. The Riksdag´s work with issues relating to the future therefore, wherever possible, is carried out at a cross-committee level. The committees are to cooperate in initiating joint technology assessments. The committees´ proposals and requests are submitted to the PER, which can assist in conducting the analyses. This will promote a coordinated management of issues relating to the future. The committees are encouraged to cooperate actively and to inform each other and spread examples of best practices, for example, at chairmen´s conferences and meetings of committee secretaries.

The PER works on the behalf of the committees and has thus not the mandate to initiate large projects of its own. Within the framework of a proposal the unit can, however, propose focal points and methods. Two full-time scientists are employed at the unit and external experts can be hired for scientific support and for writing background material. The unit also has one person who is mainly responsible for organising workshops, seminars etc. In addition, two temporary staff members, one via a fellowship-scheme and the other via an internship, work at the unit.

In most cases, an all-party steering group is assigned to provide guidelines for a TA assignment and to ensure that they are carried out in accordance with the Committee´s terms of reference. A contact person from the Committee secretariat is assigned to assist at the meetings with the reference group. A group of experts is also assigned to scrutinise the content of the reports.


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