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The main BAS responsibilities include: supporting the legislative process with an expert advice, providing deputies with information and expert opinions and conducting research (in the area of law, economy and society) related to the legislative process. The most expanding area of responsibilities during the last years is the European law and policies (e.g. BAS provides analyses of EU institutions and legislation, for example the Bureau verifies whether draft legislation proposed by deputies is in compliance with EU law). In cooperation with the Sejm committees BAS also organises conferences and seminars.

Currently BAS employs a total of 70 full-time analysts. As the structure of employment reflects the duties performed by the Bureau, the main group of employees are lawyers (45 experts in various law specialities). The rest includes some 15 economists and specialists in such fields as social science, agriculture or environment. BAS also cooperates with numerous representatives of science and with external experts. If, for various reasons, a commissioned work cannot be done within the Bureau, it is then contracted to the external experts.

The Bureau is composed of 6 departments:

Currently it is only the Social and Economic Analyses Department that deals with questions on new technologies and TA.


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