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The NBT produces policy briefs and reports to the Parliament, publishes reports, organises seminars for the standing committees and takes part in open hearings at the Parliament. Oral and written information to the different representatives and party groups are provided on request. All projects rely on the involvement of external expert groups that are led by the NBT secretariat. Workshops open hearings, and research analyses are also used to collect information and views.

All work is organised around projects. The Board decides independently which projects are adapted, and Board members are represented in all expert groups. In the end phase, the projects are presented to the relevant parliamentary standing committee, often in combination with an open meeting at the Parliament.

An important part of NBT’s terms of reference, is to further the public debate on technology and society and to involve lay people in the discussion. Hence, the NBT also functions as an intermediary between research, politics and the public, and facilitates participatory processes as well as scenario workshops.

The Norwegian Board of Technology has a budget of approximately 1,1 million EUR per year.


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