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The IST was founded by decree by the Flemish Parliament on 17 July 2000, as an independent, autonomously functioning organisation for technology assessment. At that time it was called viWTA (Flemish Institute for Science and Technology Assessment). After an evaluation in 2008, it has been renamed Institute Society and Technology.
As an autonomous institution associated with the Flemish Parliament, the Institute has its own executive board, which consists of 16 members. Eight of them are members of the Flemish Parliament, belonging to the various parties in the parliament. One of them will be appointed to the Presidency of the board. The other half is composed of experts from the Flemish scientific, technological, environmental and socio-economic communities.
The daily responsibility of the Institute is being held by the scientific secretariat. Besides a director and an administrative secretariat, the staff is composed of a small but thoroughgoing group of 4 up to 6 researchers and a communication manager.


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