Comparative Table of Parliamentary TA Institutions


The Greek Permanent Committee of Technology Assessment (GPCTA) is a parliamentary committee provided by the Standing Orders of the Hellenic Parliament. Its scope is to study national affairs or issues of general interest that emerge from technology development.


GPTCA is instituted at the onset of every legislative period upon the Parliament´s decision following a proposal of the government or the presidents of the parliamentary groups. With the decision on the composition of the committee, the Parliament determines the topic that the committee will deal with and the deadline by which it will submit its findings. The special committees are composed by the one tenth (1/10) and up to the one fifth (1/5) of the total number of Members of Parliament (article 42). Currently it consists of 25 Members of Parliament representing all the parliamentary groups in the House.

Its task covers any matter within the sphere of research and technology development in order to give advice on relevant strategic issues. It is also entitled with the encouragement of international cooperation on technology assessment. Article 43 A of the Standing Orders of the Hellenic parliament provides also that the committee for the accomplishment of its task may cooperate with similar institutions functioning within the parliaments of other countries, encourage the international cooperation and research on TA matters and proceed to the exchange of information between the respective parliamentary institutions on TA.

The scientific support of its work is undertaken by the Directorate of Studies of the Hellenic Parliament. Several scientists and research fellows participate in the discussion meetings of the committee in order to present their points of view on TA matters.


The committee, through its work, tries to leverage the promotion of research, technology and development in the country. The committee will support every significant effort in research and technology development. An important mission is to inform the citizens on developments in science and new technologies that take place both in Greece and the »global village« through the committee’s reports.

The main goals are:


Areas, to which the Committee devotes special attention and derive topics from, are: In these areas seeks to:


The Committee, after the topics are decided, organises meetings once or twice every month where the MPs are informed by invited experts on various themes.

The committee cooperates with:



A selection of topics in which the Committee was engaged recently:


The main target group where the Committee communicates its findings is the Hellenic Parliament. All special standing committees after the study of a topic, submits a report to the Speaker.
Each committee at the end of every parliamentary year also submits a report to the Plenary, which is recorded in the minutes and on which a debate follows, without a vote at a special meeting at the beginning of the next year.


Every report and its outcomes together with the relevant supporting documents are kept in the archives of the committee and deposited at the end of each parliamentary year in the Archives of the Parliament. Those documents are available to the public through the website of the Hellenic Parliament (only in Greek).


The special standing committees or subcommittees may decide or suggest an opinion when this is decided by the Conference of Presidents according to the Constitution the Parliament´s Standing Orders and the law or regulation of the relevant jurisdiction.
Any special Standing Committee may, during the preparation or proposal of a law and before the second reading of the articles, to give an opinion on a matter of great importance of that proposal, which falls within its competence.


The committee has mainly an advisory role but recently it was decided to examine more closely the Greek research and development system. The committee follows, as much as possible, the research and technology development in our country.
It tries to demonstrate the role of science, technology and innovation and how these can change the development model of the country on a path of sustainable growth and competitive economy. It highlights the characteristics and the capabilities of the Greek research system, which in turn will support the design of appropriate policies.


Greek Permanent Committee of Research and Technology Assessment
Directorate of Studies
Hellenic Parliament
Palaia Anaktora
Athens 10021

Director: Prof. Costas Papadimitriou

Fon  +30 210 373 5053, 5075
Fax  +30 210 373 5077, 5070

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