April 19-21, 2017, Monte Verità Conference Center, Ascona, Switzerland

This year's EPTA Directors meeting will be held at the Monte Verità Conference Center in Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.

In addition to associational items and national reports by EPTA members, this meeting will be dedicated to define the editorial concept of the annual EPTA report to be published in view of the EPTA conference which will be held, on the topic of future mobility,  in November 7-8 in Lucerne, Switzerland, in the perfectly fitting setting of the Swiss Museum of Transport.

The setting of the Directors' meeting in April is special as well. Standing on the hills overlooking Ascona and Lake Maggiore, Monte Verità, the "mount of truth" has been a magnet for ideas, trends, utopian experiments and historical figures from the early 1900. In its mythical golden age artists, anarchists, philosophers and thinkers settled there. Today it has been turned into a conference centre thanks to a partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Teconology in Zurich.

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