From 1 January, Switzerland has resumed EPTA presidency for the year 2017.

After the Austrians, the long-standing EPTA member TA-SWISS, the Center for Technology Assessment, located in Berne, resumes for the second time (after 2003) the annual presidency of EPTA. Dr. Sergio Bellucci, the TA-SWISS director and his team are already in full swing: the dates of the main meetings are already fixed (April and November) as is the 2017 EPTA topic: "Mobility of the future" – one of the core issues on our path to sustainability in the face of growing populations and peak oil. Dr. Bellucci is expecting interesting and intensive debates. Furthermore, in 2017 EPTA will discuss further membership applications, probably from Portugal and Chile. In 2017 there will be also a practitioners' meeting in the Netherlands, organised by the staff of the Rathenau institute.

[View of Bellinzona, picture by Ramessos, public domain]