The EPTA Council welcomed its 26th and 27th members, the Cellule Scientifique from Luxembourg and the OCAL from Argentina.

During the 2022 Council meeting in Berlin under the German Presidency on 18 October two new members were accepted:

(1) The Cellule Scientifique of the Chambre des Députés of Luxembourg, established in 2021. Luxembourg is now a full EPTA member. More information soon here.

(2) The Oficina Científica de Asesoramiento Legislativo (OCAL) of the Argentine Parliament, established in 2020. Argentina is now an associate member. More information soon here.

The EPTA family is looking forward to exchanges with its new members in upcoming meetings, next in Catalonia in 2023, as the Catalan member, CAPCIT, will hold the presidency next year.