Monitoring for the Austrian Parliament. Semiannual reports and short studies on current issues and trends as a service for parliamentarians
Together with the AIT, the ITA prepares monitoring reports for the Austrian Parliament in order to support it in its forward-looking research, innovation and technology (FTI) policy. The continuous observation and analysis of current, international, scientific and technological developments in the social context is the basis for identifying key future topics. In such a monitoring procedure, important scientific and technical drivers for changes become visible, which open up extended options for action to Parliament if they are taken into account at an early stage. The results of this monitoring thus support an anticipatory policy for research, technology and innovation. Together with its partner AIT, the ITA will send written information to Parliament every six months, once in autumn and once in spring. Each monitoring report will first contain a general overview of developments in the past six months (including the main issues of international and national scientific and research policy, but also societal debate) and an overview of the sources evaluated in the monitoring process. Subsequently, four to eight topics will be presented in more depth. The selection of these topics will be based on topicality and political relevance. The topics and content presented will not be limited to specific areas (such as the competence of individual committees) but will cover the entire spectrum of parliamentary work and thus potentially be relevant for all committees and parliamentarians. The focus of the reports is on a pointed presentation of the results, which enables the members of parliament to gain an overview of all current developments and trends in a short amount of time. The monitoring reports also serve as a basis for the delegates to commission brief in-depth studies on selected topics, which are also part of the framework agreement and can be provided separately on request.
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Monitoring for Parliament
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Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA)