Mass Surveillance. Part I - Risks, Opportunities and Mitigation Strategies
Gamino Garcia A., Cortes Velasco C., Iturbe Zamalloa E., Rios Velasco E., Eguía Elejabarrieta I., Herrera Lotero J., Mansell J., Larrañeta Ibañez J.J., Schuster S. (2015) Mass Surveillance. Part I - Risks, Opportunities and Mitigation Strategies, Study. Commissioned by: European Parliament/STOA.
Part 1 of the 'Mass surveillance' study identifies the risks of data breaches for users of publicly available Internet services such as email, social networks and cloud computing, and the possible impacts for them and the European Information Society. It presents the latest technology advances allowing the analysis of user data and their meta-data on a mass scale for surveillance reasons. It identifies technological and organisational measures and the key stakeholders for reducing the risks identified. Finally, possible policy options are proposed, in support of the risk reduction measures identified.
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project report
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European Parliament / Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) (STOA)