Mahieu B., Arnold E., Kolarz P. (2014) Measuring scientific performance for improved policy making, Study. Commissioned by: European Parliament/STOA.
In recent decades, developments in European research policy making have led to an enhancement of the role and function of evaluation to cope with the growing globalisation of research and the need to ensure effective research systems at the national level and in the European Research Area. These developments have led to a need for a more integrated way to understand research performance as well as its efficiency and effects, combined with a growing need for a European view. The desire for better evidence for public management, a growing movement calling for open access to the results of publicly funded research and the vastly increased power of computing and communications coincide to support policy interest in steering and sharing research results and data about them. Current trends in the extended use of research information systems - at institutional, national and European level, set the context and create the opportunity for the development of a European research information infrastructure that could provide the basis for an improved research policy development in Europe.
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project report
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European Parliament / Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) (STOA)