Sweden's participation in five international military operations – a follow-up of the consequences for the national defense capability
The follow-up includes the five military operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Mali (Operation Minusma) during 1993–2020. The efforts have thus spanned a long period of time and have therefore taken place during various defense decisions and external situations. Against the background of these different conditions, the various efforts have had specific consequences for the Swedish Armed Forces' ability nationally. The follow-up also reveals effects that are more comprehensive and that apply more generally during the investigated period. One consequence is that the military ability has had to be on the ground and that officers and soldiers who participated in international operations have developed professionally. Another consequence that has been put forward is that experiences from NATO-led operations have been more capacitating than UN-led operations. Another example is that national operations have had to take a back seat as there has been a national shortage of certain personnel categories and equipment. The Swedish Armed Forces have made progress and developed their follow-up systems during the follow-up period. Although efforts to utilise experience has improved, there is, among other things, a need to develop routines and methods to better take into account the experiences in the development work and in internal processes. It is not primarily the implementation of the individual international efforts or the combined effect of the efforts that affected the Armed Forces and the national capability during the examined period. Instead, it is the authority's implementation of defense decisions that entailed greatly reduced resources and re-prioritization towards a defense with international efforts as a main task that affected the national defense capability the most.
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