The perspectives of nuclear power
BAS (2023) INFOS 1(303), The perspectives of nuclear power
Nuclear power is used in almost half of European countries, although the construction of new reactors has been significantly limited following the Fukushima disaster. Recently, interest in this form of energy has been growing, among other things because of the need to meet climate targets and the need to become independent of fuel imports from Russia. In Poland, a nuclear power development programme has been launched. The first power station will be built in the municipality of Choczewo in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Current plans are for it to begin operation in 2033, with the US-based Westinghouse as a construction partner.
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Bureau of Research / Biuro Ekspertyz i Oceny Skutków Regulacji (BEOS) of the Polish Parliament (the Sejm) (BEOS)