A Matter of Time. Decision making on radioactive waste management in the Netherlands 1945-2016
Rathenau Instituut (2023). A Matter of Time. Decision making on radioactive wastemanagement in the Netherlands 1945-2016 (English summary). Den Haag. Authors: Berkers E., V. Lagendijk, R. Dekker, D. Snijders en R. van Est
In January 2023, we published the report A Matter of Time (Een kwestie van tijd). This report shows how the Netherlands has dealt with radioactive waste since the Second World War. It provides ten key insights that are relevant for current and future policies. We made A Matter of Time in collaboration with Stichting Historie der Techniek. It is the first of a series of reports that we are publishing to advise the State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management on how the Netherlands can best decide on the long-term management of radioactive waste. This advice will be given in 2024. We used a draft version of A Matter of Time for dialogue sessions with experts and stakeholders. The report of that dialogue was published simultaneously with this report. The full reports are both in Dutch only.
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