TA and decision making under scientific uncertainty: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic
EPTA (2021) Technology assessment and decision making under scientific uncertainty - lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. EPTA report 2021. Rathenau Institute & Teknologirådet/Norwegian Board of Technology (NBT): The Hague
This report consists of the individual contribution of 18 EPTA members and associated members, giving their unique perspectives on the pivotal role of science and technology in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis In the introductory synthesis, the country contributions have been analysed to find overarching themes, differences, and similarities in the approaches of the COVID-19 pandemic in different countries and the role of TA institutes. The country reports written by the EPTA institutes can be found as a supplement to the synthesis.
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project report
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European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (network) (EPTA)
Lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic crisis (EPTA)