Environment, Health and Safety Research Projects in Horizon 2020
Florian Ortis,, Gloria Rose,, André Gazsó,, Sabine Greßler,, & Anna Pavlicek,. (2020). Environment, Health and Safety Research Projects in Horizon 2020 (NanoTrust dossier No. 053en – March 2020) (p. 6). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-053en
Numerous research projects within the 8th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Commission – Horizon 2020 – are dedicated to environment, health and safety aspects of nanotechnologies, in continuation of the preceding 7th Framework Programme1. Many of the Horizon 2020 projects are devoted to the following subjects: risk assessment, regulation, standardization of measurement and analytical methods. Furthermore, some projects are focusing their research on production techniques and quality standards. Further research topics include life cycle analyses, safeby-design approaches and processes regarding sustainable production. Projects surrounding the subject of toxicity of nanomaterials are increasingly focusing on long-term studies and the (further) development of test methods. A number of Horizon 2020 projects are also dedicated to the consolidation and harmonization of data and databases. An increasing number of projects investigate computer models for the analysis of health risks and exposure scenarios, which are made available in the form of online platforms or tools for regulators, developers and researchers. Compared to the 7th Framework Programme, Horizon 2020 includes more projects dedicated to physicochemical characterization and the development of measurement and analysis methods of nanomaterials, as well as an increased number of nanoinformatic projects, which are intended to pool existing data on a European level.
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