Electric car fleets for Vienna
Bettin, S., Pavlicek, A., & Ornetzeder, M. (2020). Elektroflotten in Wien - Eine Untersuchung über Herausforderungen und Chancen von E-Fahrzeugen in Fahrzeugflotten (p. 60). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ITA-pb-2020-01
Vehicle fleets are regarded as promising market niches for the introduction of more environmentally friendly e-mobility. This is especially true for company settings, including construction companies and craftsmen. In 2014, the City of Vienna adopted a comprehensive Smart City framework strategy with a focus on electrifying vehicle fleets and developing the necessary charging infrastructure. The overall goal of the strategy is to boost public transport above all, so that it is more popular than any motorised individual transport within urban areas. The second emphasis is on the replacement of combustion engine vehicles with e-vehicles rather than buying e-vehicles simply. as an add-on. The project "Distribution of electric fleets in the Smart City Vienna" deals with the distribution of electric vehicle fleets in the city of Vienna. Although the Smart City strategy highlights fleets, the results in Vienna have so far been rather modest compared to larger cities in other European countries, such as Norway or the Netherlands. Although the number of electrically powered passenger cars has increased since the Framework Strategy was adopted, the overall number of e-vehicles in both Austria and Vienna is rather small. The example of the City of Vienna will be used to investigate how e-vehicles can be more widely used in company fleets in the future. Thus, we examine successful examples for the conversion of fleets of electric vehicles, investigate those factors that stand in the way of a more widespread use and discuss possible starting points to further support this development in Vienna. Method-wise, this project is based on literature research and semi-structured interviews with relevant actors. We will develop policy recommendations which aim to support the conversion of vehicle fleets from combustion to electric engine.
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Electric car fleets for Vienna (ITA)