Options for Solving the Saturation of the Mexico City International Airport
Estrada Galindo, L. et al. (2018). Options for Solving the Saturation of the Mexico City International Airport. Office of Scientific and Technological Information for the Mexican Congress (INCyTU)
Two opposing alternatives have been proposed to solve the saturation of the Mexico City International Airport. A public referendum will be hold to decide on the matter, so there is a widespread interest in the general public to inform itself on the matter. There is surplus of information that can become confusing either by their complexity or technicality, or just by the sheer number of available documents. Studies that have tried to provide a succinct answer have failed to become convincing either because they lack a global scope, i.e. they focus only on a few aspects leaving important matters behind, or because they have an unclear methodology. In this report we try to tackle this gap by presenting an analysis of the two options considering their aeronautical viability, cost and method of funding, environmental impact, water consumption, drainage and susceptibility to drownings and sinking, terrestrial connectivity and social and urban impact. The information was drawn by making a meta-analysis of all of the most relevant analysis published up to date on the subject, by a literature research and by conducting interviews with experts and the actors involved in each project. The analysis is presented in a simplified and succinct manner, suitable for a non-expert public, but references are provided for anyone interested in a deepening their knowledge in the subject.
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policy brief
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Spanish; Castilian
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Office for Information of Science and Technology for the Mexican Congress (INCyTU)