Deep Sea Mining
Santillan Godínez, O. (2018). INCyTU Note 19 Deep Sea Mining
The extraction of mineral resources from the seabed (MMP in Spanish) requires the development of specialized technology to avoid the irreversible loss of biodiversity. The non-renewable mineral resources in the seas may contain iron, copper, gold and cobalt, which are used in electronics, automobiles, buildings, and so on. Experts estimate that the Pacific Ocean can hold more than 100 billion tons of these materials. An MMP operation with a duration of 20 years is estimated to require a total investment of $ 11.9 billion dollars and would generate profits of $ 18.8 billion dollars. As in all mining activities, the environmental impact must be minimized, which can cause irreversible damage. In Mexico, there is still no marine mining law.
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policy brief
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Spanish; Castilian
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Office for Information of Science and Technology for the Mexican Congress (INCyTU)