Committee on Economic Affairs and Development of The Parliamentary Assembly of The Council of Europe (CoE), Resolution 1774 (2010) - Enhancing Europe’s energy security through greater use of liquefied natural gas - (Rapporteur: Mustafa Ünal Doc. 12425, Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 12 November 2010, Opinion approved by the committee on 7 October 2010. 2010, Doc. 11827)
The report highlights the importance of energy security for the smooth functioning of European states and the competitiveness of their economies in the context of globalisation. Achieving optimal levels of energy security remains a serious economic and political challenge which requires closer interstate and institutional co-operation in Europe. This is particularly pertinent for developing underexploited energy options such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) systems which could serve not only as a complementary element in case of failures of conventional power supply structures but also as a strategic part of the European energy system. Making better use of LNG systems would enable European countries to take full advantage of the rapidly growing global market of natural gas, to achieve large long-term savings on their energy bill and to enhance their storage and back-up capacities in order to minimise disruptions at any time. Moreover, countries with well developed inland waterways could consider putting in place integrated management of their waterway networks and energy systems, notably in respect of LNG shipments. The report therefore welcomes the European Union Energy Security and Solidarity Action Plan together with energy infrastructure research and investment programmes aimed at supporting, inter alia, the development of LNG facilities, not least in the new member states of the European Union and candidate countries. The report also proposes a series of practical steps that Council of Europe member states should take to tackle vulnerabilities in their energy use.
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Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) (PACE)
Enhancing Europe’s energy security through greater use of liquefied natural gas (PACE)