Committee on Social, Health and Family Affairs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (CoE) RESOLUTION 1352 (2003) – Human stem cell research (October 2003; Rapporteur: Mr Wodarg; Doc. 9902. Opinion by the Committee on Social Affairs; Rapporteur: Mr H?ie; Doc. 9942)
While confirming the Assembly’s previous stands on bioethics issues, the draft resolution encourages research on human stem cells as such research can lead to important developments in the treatment of serious diseases. Any research on human embryos should be duly authorised and monitored. Their destruction should be prevented. The aim of stem cell research is the understanding of the mechanisms of proliferation and differentiation of these cells and their control in order to be able to use them in regenerative medicine. Controversy surrounds the reliability of embryonic and adult stem cells. Some oppose the use of embryonic stem cells and the techniques of cloning on ethical grounds. Ethical aspects however should be given priority over those of a utilitarian and financial nature.
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