publifocus Nanotechnology
Nanotechnological developments have the potential to change key areas of life in our society over the coming years and decades. This will also impact on ecological systems. As yet, there is little public awareness about nanotechnologies. In Switzerland, too, it is only recently that a coordinated approach has been initiated to takle questions of regulation. Political groups are paying close attention to the technical developments. Studies help to weigh up the opportunities and risks. Any legislation that may be necessary, however, must also take the views of the population into account. How do so-called “laypersons” perceive the nanotech debate? Where do citizens see opportunities for themselves, their health and the environment? And where do the possible risks lie? Does nanoresearch cross ethical boundaries? Is there a need for regulation or a standardised declaration? These are questions that TA-SWISS wanted to discuss with randomly selected citizen groups. Publifocus events are to be held in all parts of the country during September 2006.
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publifocus Nanotechnology
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Lucienne Rey
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Centre for Technology Assessment (TA-SWISS)